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Karl Palachuk
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You’ll browse the powerful resource library by department, type, and keyword to get what you need, fast. Not sure where to start? Check out our Roadmaps to get started on popular topics.

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You’ll get a standing invitation for weekly, member-driven chats where you can ask questions, get feedback, and feel the camaraderie and support that we need as business owners.

Up your Professionalism.

You’ll access training delivered by IT Industry Experts to improve your professionalism and your bottom line for free. Take a class here and there, or go for a Specialist Certification. All delivered through IT Service Provider University.

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Karl W. Palachuk

Hi, I’m Karl. I built and sold two successful IT Service Companies in Sacramento, California and am one of the founders of the Managed Services Business Model. In 2007-2008, I moved my business and clients 100% to the cloud.

Since then, I’ve written over 20 books, mostly on how you can run a better consulting business. I teach a lot of IT business classes, and take a handful of consulting clients each year. 

I’ve trained thousands of consultants across the globe on managed and cloud services, and work-life balance. And now, through this Community, I get to share the same resources, support and knowledge with you! 

Our mission is to make YOU as successful as possible.

For the business side of your IT business

Having the technical skills is only half the equation.
You’ll need to know how to properly run a business to make your tech skills work for you.


Hiring Process

Learn how to create a team full of really great people who deliver your brand



Hundreds of SOP templates and videos to tailor to your business, brand, and clients


Recurring Revenue

Build or increase recurring revenue for a sustainable business model you can truly live on (and take a vacation!)


Get More Clients

Increase prospects, sales, & get the right type of clients for your business goals


Service Delivery

Dial in operations, improve efficiency across the board, and wow your end-users


Professionalism & Education

Certifications to show your prospects and clients your committed to their success

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*ITSPU: IT Service Provider University provides training and certification courses delivered by IT Industry Experts to improve your professionalism and your bottom line. Non-members can register for classes for $399/class. Members register free.

**You’ll lock in your rate for life, as long as you continue to renew. Prices increase every 12-18 months as needed, but your price will stay the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you join . . .

No, you don’t. We get lots of members who are transitioning from break-fix to Managed Services and we can help with that. 

We also have some members who are quite successful at Break-Fix! 

While Karl is one of the founders of the Managed Service business model, he recognizes other models can be successful too, as long as they’re done right.

Each membership level requires a 1-year minimum commitment. The reason is simple: the sole mission is for to make YOU as successful as possible. Committing to a minimum of one year gives you time to take courses, utilize resources, and apply real, business-enhancing change to your company or team.

No. You are locked in at whatever price you begin your membership.

Occasionally, prices will increase for *new* signups. These increases will not apply to you as long as you maintain a valid membership.

You can be sure that today’s price is the best price to start your membership.

For individual memberships, our best discount is to pay annually. This saves you over 22% percent compared to paying monthly. 

Team memberships are only offered as an annual payment and include up to 10 logons, here at the Community website and also full class passes at IT Service Provider University for the price of 3 individual memberships (2.75, actually). 

Plus, both individual memberships and team memberships get a free all-access pass to all classes at ITSPU, currently worth over $10,000 per student.

We do not run specials, even around the holidays, for discounted memberships. 

Dues will increase for new members in the future. The least expensive time to join is now, guaranteed.

Sure! Upon signing up, we can arrange a 1:1 meeting wherein Karl can help with whatever is on your mind.

The combination of our extensive resource library along with our weekly live calls are full of advice and support for whatever business problem you’re trying to solve. From choosing your tech stack, hiring your next (or first!) employee, and solidifying your SOPs and more, we’ve got you!

But, if you’re looking for in-depth, personalized coaching and accountability, you might consider Karl’s business coaching (not included in Community membership).

Karl takes on 2 coaching clients per year. This intensive program is designed for larger companies ready to take action on improving their business. It also includes a Team Membership to the Community.

Find out more about Business Coaching →

If you have 3 or more individuals (including yourself) that you want to give access to the Community and IT Service Provider University, the Team Membership is by far the most affordable option. 

If you have 2 individuals (including yourself), you could choose to get two individual memberships. And, when you hire your next employee, you could upgrade to a Team Membership at that time. 

If you have questions, please reach out to [email protected] so we can help! 

Note: you can upgrade to a Team Membership at any time.

Of course! Please send us a message at [email protected]

This is just the beginning

Your MSP won't know what hit it.

Whether you’ve been in the industry for decades, are transitioning from break-fix, or just looking to shake things up, the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community has just what you need.

This is just the beginning

Your MSP won't know what hit it.

Whether you’ve been in the industry for decades, are transitioning from break-fix, or just looking to shake things up, the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community has just what you need.

Become an MRR Machine.

Create and fine-tune your offerings and packages with the support of one of the originators of the Managed Services business model. Plus, get feedback and ideas from fellow members.

Get actionable support, every week.

You can join us live every Thursday for member-led chats. Come with a specific question about a product or tool, how to deal with a client situation, or take the "fly-on-the-wall" approach and just listen. You're sure to benefit, regardless.

Trainings and Resources for your whole team.

You'll have access to individual SOP templates, all of Karl's books, checklists, and hundreds of hours of trainings to help you implement them. Over 250 individual resources, and counting.

Improve your Professionalism with expert-led classes.

You'll get a full-access pass to all classes at ITSPU. Yep, $299 classes for free, all taught by instructors you know and trust to help improve your bottom line.